Carlina Durán Baldera Crowned Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012

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* Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012 - Carlina Durán Baldera / Official 36 Beautiful contestants
* Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2011 ( Winner Dalia Fernández / Candidates )
* Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2010 ( Eva Arias )
* Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2009 ( Winner / Contestants / Presentation / Playlists )
* Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2008 ( Winner )
* Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2007 ( Winner )

* Miss World Dominican Republic 2012 - Jenny Claribel Blanco
* Miss World Dominican Republic 2011 - Marianly Tejada
* Miss International Dominican Republic 2011 - Catherine Ramírez
* Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2012 - Saly Aponte
* Miss Dominican Republic World 2010 - Elizabeth Turra

Carlina Durán Baldera Crowned Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012
Carlina Durán Baldera Crowned Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012

Carlina Durán Baldera was crowned Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012 on April 17, 2012 at the Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo. Carlina Duran, Miss La Vega, is 25 years old and stands 1.82m. She will represent the country in Miss Universe 2012 Pageant to be held this December. She represented the country in the Tourism Queen International 2011 pageant.

Carlina Durán Baldera Crowned Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012
Carlina Durán Baldera wasMiss Dominican Republic Universe 2012

Final Results Candidates
* Miss República Dominicana 2012    La Vega - Carola Durán
* First Runner-Up    Distrito Nacional - Dulcita Lieggi
* Second Runner-Up    Santiago - Carolyn Hawa
* Third Runner-Up    Peravia - Alondra Peña
* Fourth Runner-Up    San José de Ocoa - Luz Quezada

Top 10
   Monseñor Nouel - Yildry Peña
   María Trinidad Sánchez - Liza Blanco
   Santo Domingo Norte - Yudelsi de Raben
   San Pedro de Macorís - Yolenny Mora
   Com. Dom. EEUU - Nathalia Muñoz

Top 15
   Santiago Rodríguez- Eliangy Rosario
   Samaná - Verónica Batista
   Duarte - Karen Yapoort
   Dajabón - Marilyn Rivas
   Hermanas Mirabal - Lia Jiménez

Special Awards
    Miss Photogenic – Yudelsi de Raben (Santo Domingo Norte)
    Miss Congeniality (voted by the candidates) – Ámbar Cabrera (Monte Cristi)
    Best Face – Carolyn Hawa (Santiago)
    Best National Costume – Laura Peña (Independencia)

Preliminary Awards
    Best Hair – Pamela Fernández (San Juan)
    Best Skin – Carolyn Hawa (Santiago)
    Best Smile – Paloma Almonte (Puerto Plata)
    Miss Fashion – Yolenny Mora (San Pedro de Macorís)
    Miss Fitness – Karen Luna (Comunidad Dominicana En Venezuela)
    Miss Primavera – Dulcita Lieggi (Distrito Nacional)

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Top 20 to compete for 2012 Miss World Denmark on May 18th

Beauty Pageant > Denmark

* Miss World Denmark 2012 - Top 20 to compete on May 18th
* Miss World Denmark 2011 - Maya Celeste Padillo Olesen
* Miss World Denmark 2010 - Nataliya Averina
* Miss International Denmark 2012 - Line Knapp Christiansen

Miss World Denmark 2011 - Maya Celeste Padillo Olesen

2012 Miss World Denmark National Final will be held on May 18th at Kokkedal Castle. The final Top 20 to compete for the prestigious Miss World Denmark 2012 title and the chance to represent Denmark at the world's biggest beauty contest, Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on August 18.

Check out below some of The final Top 20

Finalist 1 - Monica Isabella Hartig

Finalist 2 - Nadia Nyborg

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Daronique Young Crowned Miss Bahamas World 2012

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* Miss Bahamas World 2012 - Daronique Young
* Miss Bahamas World 2012 - Daronique Young photo gallery
* Miss Bahamas 2011 - Winners (World, Universe)
* Miss Bahamas World 2011 - Sasha Joyce
* Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 - Anastagia Pierre
* Miss Bahamas 2011 - Contestants
* Miss Bahamas 2011 - Daronique Young won Swimsuit Competition
* Miss Bahamas 2011 - More photos Swimsuit Competition

21-year old Daronique Young will represent the Bahamas at the Miss World 2012 competition in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, in August. The 173 cm beauty is also a student of tourism management.

Daronique Young chosen to compete in Miss World; Miss Universe to head list of judges for 2012 Miss Bahamas Pageant

Nassau, Bahamas (MBO)
April 15, 2012 – It’s a summer affair for young ladies who dream of becoming Miss Bahamas, and this year they will have to win over a judge who has already conquered the Universe. Miss Universe Leila Lopes will be among an impressive panel of judges who will choose the country’s newest beauty ambassadors during the official preliminary pageant to Miss Universe and Miss World, scheduled for Sunday July 29th at Atlantis, Paradise Island.

Already more than twenty women have applied to enter the pageant, however organizers are calling for more entrants as they will have to go through a screening process in order to make it to the Miss Bahamas stage. “Our experience has been that you have to start with a larger number of applicants if you want to have a good number of entrants,” says MBO President Michelle Malcolm. “We want the best of the best to be bold and come forward. Who knows? Maybe Leila will be helping to choose her successor, and that could very well be you!”

The organization is hoping that it will have a minimum of 20 competitors this year. “Our past and present queens have done well for themselves, receiving worldwide recognition for their efforts. However, for each of them it all began by filling out an application form, which can be found at It’s the first step to what can be an incredible journey for two lucky young women,” stated Miss Malcolm. Anastagia Pierre is the reigning Miss Universe Bahamas, while Sasha Joyce wears the title of Miss World Bahamas.

A screening is scheduled for May 19th (venue to be announced), at which time applicants will be interviewed one-on-one by MBO officials. Applicants will need to bring along a Bahamian passport, birth certificate, a valid police record, a pair of high heels and a swimsuit of their choice. A non-refundable application fee of $100 will also be due payable. Naturally born females between the ages of 17 and 25 who are of Bahamian ancestry and/or citizens of The Bahamas may enter the Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant.

Contestants must be at least 17 years old by Coronation Night. However, all women crowned queen must be at least 18 years old and under 24 by February 1st in the year that follows their coronation. Candidates must be single, must not have children, nor have ever been pregnant or given birth. Minimum height requirement is 5′ 3″ and maximum height requirement is 6′ 2″. Weight must be proportionate to height. Candidates must be beautiful in face and figure, intelligent, and charming, while possessing poise, a pleasing character, and high moral convictions. The Miss Bahamas Organization reserves the right to refuse an application or dismiss a contestant, using the Organization’s codes and regulations as the basis for its decision.

Meanwhile Daronique Young – who placed first runner up to Sasha Joyce in last year’s competition – will represent the Bahamas at this year’s Miss World pageant. Several factors led to this development, including changes in the dates of both the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants, and the pending general elections here in The Bahamas. Miss World, which is normally held in November/December, was moved to August of this year, while Miss Universe – normally held in August – was moved to December.

“The Organization felt it best to not try to go head to head with a general election”, explains Miss Malcolm, “so we opted to have it later in the summer to allow time for the election frenzy to pass. This worked out well as far as the Miss Universe pageant is concerned; however it presented a challenge for us regarding the early date of Miss World.” MBO sought and was granted permission by the Miss World office to send the runner up from last year’s pageant to this year’s finale in Inner Mongolia, while the winner from the 2012 Miss Bahamas pageant will compete in next year’s Miss World. “We are confident that Daronique will represent us well,” said Miss Malcolm of the pageant veteran. “She’s the complete package – beauty, brains, body, and one of the sweetest personalities you would ever want to meet.”
Daronique was thrilled to learn the news of her good fortune. “I’m beyond excited!” she exclaimed. “My dream has always been to enter Miss World, and I had planned to enter the Miss Bahamas pageant again to pursue that dream. I’m blessed that the dream has come to me instead, and I look forward to representing my country to the best of my

Daronique leaves for the pageant on July 17th. An unveiling of her wardrobe will be held closer to her departure date.

Special thanks and credits to GlobalBeauties

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Miss Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Winners for Miss Universe , Miss International , Miss Tourism Queen International and Miss Supranational

Beauty Pageant > Philippines >

* Miss Binibining Pilipinas 2012 – Winners / Contestants
** Binibining Pilipinas – Universe : Janine Marie Tugonon
** Binibining Pilipinas – International : Nicole Schmitz
** Binibining Pilipinas – Tourism : Katrina Jayne Dimaranan photo gallery
** Binibining Pilipinas (Runner-up) - Elaine Kay Moll (will to Miss Supranational)
* Miss Binibining Pilipinas 2011 - Winners
** Binibining Pilipinas – Universe : Shamcey Supsup
** Binibining Pilipinas – International : Diane Elaine Necio
** Binibining Pilipinas – Tourism : Isabella Manjon
** Miss Binibining Pilipinas 2011 ( Candidates / Face Shot / Presentation Photos /VDO )
* Miss Binibining Pilipinas 2010 ( Winner / Candidates / Road to )
* Miss Binibining Pilipinas 2009 ( Winner / Candidates )
* Miss Binibining Pilipinas 2008 ( Winner-Universe )

The 49th edition of Binibining Pilipinas was held on April 15, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines. Thirty candidates competed for the three titles, and the winners were:

Janine Marie Tugonon

- Janine Marie Tugonon, Miss Universe Philippines – she will compete in Miss Universe 2012, in December. She is 22 years old, 1.73 m-tall, and hails from Bicolana. Janine participated in this same pageant last year and was the 1st runner-up;

Nicole Schmitz

- Nicole Schmitz, Binibining Pilipinas – International - she will compete in Miss International 2012, in China.

Katrina Jayne Dimaranan

- Katrina Jayne Dimaranan, Binibining Pilipinas – Tourism – she will compete in Miss Tourism Queen International 2012, on September 28, in China;

Elaine Kay Moll

The 1st runner-up, expected to represent the Philippines in Miss Supranational 2012, is Elaine Kay Moll, and the 2nd runner-up is Annalie Forbes.

Special thanks and credits to GlobalBeuties

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Misters and Miss Latvija 2012 Winners

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* Miss Latvia 2012 - Winner is Eva Dombrovska
* Miss Latvia 2012 - Eva Dombrovska photo gallery
* Miss Latvia 2012 (RU) - Dana Antropova photo gallery ( expected to Miss International 2012)
* Miss Latvia 2011 - Alise Miškovska
* Miss Latvia 2011 - Alise Miškovska photo gallery
* Miss Latvia 2007 - Viktorija Drizļonoka

* Mister Latvia 2012 - Winner is Kaspars Romanovs
* Mister Latvia 2011 - Edvīns Ločmelis
* Mister Latvia 2007 - Jānis Komarovskis

(LH) Mister Latvia 2012 - Winner is Kaspars Romanovs<br />(RH) Miss Latvia 2012 - Winner is Eva Dombrovska
(LH) Mister Latvia 2012 - Winner is Kaspars Romanovs
(RH) Miss Latvia 2012 - Winner is Eva Dombrovska

RIGA, Latvia - Eva Dombrovska (1.79m, Jelgava) was crowned Mis Latvija 2012 at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga. She will represent Latvia in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on August 18. Dana Antropova was the runner-up and is expected to compete in Miss International 2012.

Dana Antropova was the runner-up and is expected to compete in Miss International 2012
Dana Antropova was the runner-up and is expected to compete in Miss International 2012

Kaspars Romanovs (1.89m, Balviem) won the Misters Latvija 2012 title at the same event. Jānis Rumpis was the runner-up.

Kaspars Romanovs - Misters Latvija 2012

Jānis Rumpis was the runner-up Misters Latvija 2012

courtesy of timeofbeauty

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